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ComplyNet’s workforce compliance management system includes online training, policy & plan sign-off, as well task management. If you are a current customer access the platform by clicking the Login button in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Compliance Management System vs. Learning Management System

Over the last few years ComplyNet has been transforming our onsite services and LMS into a Compliance Management System or CMS. A CMS is a solution that addresses the dealership in its entirety and puts everything under one umbrella. Our platform, that has been training dealership employees for over 10 years, now incorporates our brand-new Task Manager and our unique Monthly Self Inspections. Our online task management system allows every issue to be tracked. No more “oh I forgot about that”. We can even set up reminders for issues 5 years into the future!  Managers assigned to complete tasks are reminded via email until those tasks are completed. Users can also login to the system to complete tasks within the platform. Monthly Self Inspection brings the department managers into the solution and helps solidify a compliance culture.

As the needs of our dealers transform due to ever changing regulation and insurance best practice we will continue to update and rethink what a CMS should be. 

CMS platform includes e-Task, Online Training, Policy Sign-off and Doc Storage

  • Fully interactive dashboard reporting – Reports emailed weekly to department managers
  • Auto specific training every dealer needs including Haz Com – GLBA – DOT – Sexual Harassment and more
  • Site specific plans and policies including Employee Handbook posted for review – All documents can be e-signed (12 CFR 609.910)
  • Online Document storage allows quick employee access to basic forms like I-9, vacation requests, insurance requests, and special benefit forms
  • Specific plans and policies can be assigned/routed by store, department or job role
  • e-Task (Task Manager) makes tracking and remediation of issues simple

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Industry employees, providing site specific interactive, OSHA Compliant training, testing, and record keeping for individuals or groups.


“This is like a CRM for compliance!”

Fixed Operations Director – Large Multi Point Group