What Makes You a Better Risk


A close call is an unplanned event that has the potential for equipment/property loss or injury and prevents a task from being completed. How do you handle these minor incidents or close calls in your workplace?  Do you feel momentarily relieved when an accident did not occur and everyone returns to work?

Close calls are warning signs that an accident is possible.  You should be especially interested in each incident occurring within your work area.  When an incident occurs, determine whether the employee was using proper safety practices. Correct any irregularities in an employee’s skills, training, or behavior leading up to the incident.  Immediately remove the faulty equipment from service.  Analyze the close call incident by asking the following questions:

Was the task repetitious?
Were conditions unsafe?
Was sufficient lighting provided?
Was the employee in a hurry and taking shortcuts to complete a task?
Was the close call victim authorized to be in the specific work area?

Discuss close call incident sin your next safety meeting, so all employees are aware of problem areas or about mistakes to avoid in the future.  All employees need to understand that one time minor injuries or damages could have been extremely serious.

You do not need to wait for a serious injury or accident to occur in order to analyze what changes need to be made in working conditions or safety practices.  Use a close call incident as an opportunity to find and eliminate causes of problems or hazards that could result in injuries or equipment/property damage.

Our managers are committed to great customer service and bottom line profitability, however, they remain far too busy to effectively plan and execute a compliance and loss program.

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