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Comprehensive Risk Management and Compliance Solutions for the Automotive and Trucking Industries


Compliance Solutions

On-site.  Online.  Environmental Health & Safety.  DOT.  Sales.  F&I.  Human Resources.  Information Security.


Compliance System

Dynamic dashboards.  Online training.  Policy and plan e-sign.  eTask issue management.  Consumer complaint management.  More.


Environmental Health & Safety

Our on-site Complinace Consultants all come from automotive backgrounds and are the best in the industry.  With on-site inspections, on-site education, written reports, eTask management, online training, and other compliance tools and support, we create the infrastructure dealers need to reduce insurance claims and to save time and money.  Our systems handle paperwork issues and we focus on the regulatory management so that your managers can focus on generating revenue.

Sales and Finance

There are two things in the sales department that can spell disaster for your dealership:  paperwork issues and non-compliance-trained sales and finance personnel that do not see the importance of doing things a certain way.  Limit liability and enhance compliance in your sales and F&I departments without requiring your managers to become compliance experts.  ComplyNet consultants listen and show your sales department how to maximize profitability within the myriad financial regulations.

Human Resources

Recuriting, hiring, training, and retaining talent in the automotive industry is not easy – until now.  With our integrated Applicant Tracking System and Compliance Management System, you can easily recruit, track, hire, onboard, train, and test new hires on important matters, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, and training that is unique to the new hires’ job roles.  Additonally, with our e-Signature capture, you will never again chase down or search for unsigned policies.

Information Security

91% of data breaches start with phishing emails.  Your employees use email to communicate with customers, vendors, and each other.  The Safeguards Rule requires regular testing of your information systems and to consider employee training for your information security program.  With the sky-rocketing costs of resolving data breaches, how can you not afford to test your systems and to train your employees on the importance of recognizing phishing emails?

ComplyNet is Your Safety Net

in a Highly Regulated Industry


Sales Department


General Office


Service Department


Finance & Insurance


Parts Department


Computer Network


PDI Center


Physical Plants & Grounds


Body Shop


ComplyNet combines its on-site inspections and audits with its online employee trainings and policies to create the most comprehensive workforce compliance management system in the automotive industry.  ComplyNet’s workforce compliance management system, or CMS, is a solution that addresses onsite and online compliance efforts in their entirety and puts everything under one umbrella.  Our platform also incorporates eTask Issue Tracking and our unique Monthly Self-Inspections.

Our online eTask  Issue Tracking system allows every issue to be tracked until they are resolved.  No more, “oh I forgot about that.”  We schedule reminders for issues until they resolve!  Managers assigned to complete eTasks are reminded via email, and users can also login to the compliance management system to complete tasks within the platform.  Monthly Self-Inspections bring the department managers into the solution and helps solidify a compliance culture.

As the needs of our dealers transform due to ever changing regulation and insurance best practice we will continue to update and rethink what a CMS should be. 

Case Study

A Buick dealership in suburban Chicago was having four to six eye injuries per year.  The dealership thought that these injuries were normal.   Though the insurance claims amounted to only a few hundred dollars each, the management came to realize that every time an eye injury occurred, work stopped for the injured party and for the person who drove the injured employee to the hospital.  We helped the dealership develop programs and policies that eliminated these injuries, the claims, and the downtime.

The Payoff – Return on Investment

Having a comprehensive compliance and risk mitigation program improves your bottom line.  Though results vary, we regularly see businesses experience a minimum of a $5 benefit for every $1 spent on compliance and risk management services in insurance premiums alone.

Without outside help from experts, your most expensive personnel (your managers) will struggle with researching, evaluating, and administering a compliance program.  After all, these compliance efforts typically work against your managers’ pay-plans, so it is no surprise when an internal program is not the highest priority to your managers.

To highlight this scenario, a workers compensation insurer decided to hire ComplyNet to service dealerships that were experiencing the highest losses in a particular state.  These dealerships all claimed they had internal compliance programs.  Unsurprisingly, a review occurred 3 years later and it established that these same dealers were now experiencing some of the lowest losses of all dealers in that state.

The dealer wins.

The insurer wins.

The employees win.

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