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What Makes You a Better Risk


The Breathing Easy Series:

Compliance tips and suggestions in an entertaining story format. Breathing Easy is published monthly in “Collision News.”


  • Risk or Luck? (Running a Safe Workplace)
  • Bloody Murder (The Blood-Borne Pathogen Policy)
  • Catching Your Breath (Respiratory Assessments)
  • Putting out the Flames (Fire Extinguisher Training)
  • Housekeeping
  • Safety Incentive Programs
  • Labels
  • Training
  • Liftin the Load (Safe Lifting)
  • Air Force (Medical Evaulations & Respirators)
  • Toot Your Horn (Annual Fit Testing)
  • Culture Check (The Importance of Safety Culture)
  • Who Can You Trust? (Thinner Distillation and Waste Minimization)
  • Designated Felon (Record Keeping)
  • Give Me a Hand (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Tough Times Tip (Accident Investigation)
  • It’s Still Around (Asbestos Hazards in the Workplace)
  • Splish Splash (Legal Eyewash Stations)
  • Fire Away (The Fire Prevention Plan)
  • Safety Gear Blues (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Four Point Drill (Safety and Insurance Premiums)
  • Ergodollars I (Ergonomic Injuries)
  • Ergodollars II (Ergonomic Injuries)
  • Easier Breathing (Supplied Air Respirators)
  • Enlightened Waste (Fluorescent Lights & Hazardous Waste)
  • Shocking Developments (Electrical Safety)


Other Industry Publications:

  • In the Fall the Doors Come Down! (Carbon Monoxide in Fall/Winter)
  • SDSs: Who Needs Them?
  • Eye Safety

“Our managers are too busy running their departments to make them experts in loss control and compliance. You support their efforts effectively and economically by providing training, inspections, and a system we can follow.”

Dealer Group CFO