DOT Hazmat Training

What Makes You a Better Risk

Every day, dealership and body shop managers and their staffs ship hazardous materials, such as air bags, shocks, struts, batteries, and paints (just to name a few). To protect the public, the Department of Transportation requires that people involved in the transportation of these materials be trained and certified.

The training covers correct labeling, placarding, and packaging of hazardous materials. Proper training prevents an incident from becoming a catastrophe. It also prevents fines on the business and the employee.

Who needs training?
Anyone responsible for “packaging, preparing shipping documents for, or transporting hazardous materials” via ground or air within the continental US is required by DOT regulation 49CFR parts 100-177 to be trained on the proper handling procedures within the first 90 days of employment. This means parts shippers, parts truck drivers, anyone who signs waste manifests, and anyone who supervises those persons in a dealership or body shop needs to be trained.

ComplyNet Solutions

In-House: Customized for your store and presented in the comfort of your own facility. Trains and certifies your staff at your convenience in about 3 hours. (Subject to geographic availability. Call 800.653.1869 for details or email us at

Off-site: Learn with other professionals from different stores and gain insight, network, and share ideas, solutions and situations. (Call 800.653.1869 or email us at for the date and location of our next session)

On-Line: Train all new employees right away with this convenient system- no    waiting for a class to start. Provides participants with all materials, an exam, and certificate as well as our Click & Ship and Manifest software. Available in all areas with internet access.

On-Line DOT training Demo

All three solutions have these special features:

  • Training meets all new DOT regulations, mandatory by October 1, 2004
  • Information is exclusive to automotive no wasted time.
  • Meets all federal training requirements for DOT HazMat
  • Covers proper procedures and requirements set forth in 49 CFR.

What are you waiting for?

“We have been on your program for a year and I don’t believe that we could have achieved this level of compliance on our own in the same amount of time. By subscribing to your service, our employees now understand that we are committed to a safe work environment.”

VP, Mid-Illinois Implement Dealer