Cyber Risk Management


Our Cyber Privacy Risk Management Solution is the only comprehensive cyber program designed specifically for dealerships. CPRM empowers your IT staff or contractor to most easily bring your network into compliance with the most widely accepted standard in the industry. It certifies the network as secure, educates your employees to prevent breaches from within your firewall, and insures the dealership against cyber liability. Dealers appreciate the fact that we phish their employees periodically to see that they practice the cyber principals taught in our online training. We created CPRM to complete our Privacy & Safeguards service, but many dealer groups enroll in the service to become PCI compliant and to obtain the lowest cost, finest cyber insurance available. Dealer groups have found combining CPRM with the risk-rated Lloyds insurance we offer costs less than their stand-alone cyber coverage.

It’s common for dealer groups considering our Cyber Privacy Risk Management Solution to already have excellent network security systems in place, as well as experienced IT staff or consultants. A dealer group may have difficulties jumping through the hoops required to become PCI compliant. When the technical side of things are well in hand, the biggest weakness comes from employee behavior. The best technical systems can’t solve unsafe cyber practices by your non-technical people, and that is where our program has the biggest impact. Take a minute to look at what our program consists of: