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  • FREE online training module about COVID-19 for dealership employees
  • FREE COVID-19 Countermeasure Verification Program
  • FREE model Dealership Outbreak, Epidemic & Pandemic Response Plan
  • FREE webinar series for owners and management
  • FREE COVID-19 Scam Countermeasure Program

We are providing our Free Coronavirus Webinar Series and Training to help dealers around the world.  In this unprecedented time, our health and safety experts are dedicated to continuing to provide expertise, valuable information, and free resources on this very important matter.  We are uniquely positioned to help since we have been providing Environmental Health & Safety solutions to the auto industry for over 25 years and work with over 1000 dealerships across the country.


  • May 19th – Invitation to View ComplyNet’s Solutions (DEALERS ONLY)
  • May 21st – Duped Out of a Vehicle – The Rise of False Pretense Claims and Its Impact on Insurability
  • May 14th – OSHA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Playbook
  • May 7th – “No One Gets Sued for the Flu!”  Distancing From COVID-19 Lawsuits & Claims
  • April 30th  – How Dealerships that Control Claims can Create a New Profit Center with Captive Insurance
  • April 23rd  – Post Crisis Talent Strategies
  • April 16th   Taking Action Now to Make a Business Interruption Insurance Claim & to Lower Insurance Premiums
  • April 9th – Preparing You Dealership for a Health & Safety Inspection
  • April 2nd – Protecting Your Dealership from COVID-19 Scammers
  • March 26th – Flattening the Curve – An ER doctor and a Lawyer discuss COVID-19 (includes discussion of Emergency Paid Leave and Emergency FMLA.
  • March 19th  Developing a Pandemic Response Plan and Demonstrating You Care About Safety
  • March 12th  COVID-19 and Complying with OSHA, FMLA, ADA, and the Safeguards Rule

Reacting appropriately is not an accident.  It all starts with a plan.  ComplyNet has created a model Dealership Outbreak, Epidemic & Pandemic Response Plan, which includes:

  • ADA compliant Sample Pre-Pandemic Employee Survey
  • Sample Poster to be posted at the dealership when the Plan is active and extra pre-cautions are being taken
  • Sample Training Roster to record training efforts
  • Sample Notification that the Plan is Active to convey information to employees and guests about the extra-precautions
  • Sample Notification that the Plan is No Longer Active for use when the threat subsides and the extra-precautionary measures are lifted.

To obtain the Plan, click HERE

For the peace of mind of your customers and employees, we are independently verifying the actions your dealership has taken to combat COVID-19. This service requires a FaceTime or similar video-meeting where your dealership must demonstrate the actions that have been taken to combat COVID-19.

After demonstration, you will receive a verification that can be posted at your dealership, along with an approved message that you can send to your customers and employees, and post on your website and social media platforms.

To begin, CLICK HERE

Scammers are thriving due to COVID-19.  Demand exceeds supply for certain products.  A “new norm” of doing business.  “Free government money.”  People fear for their lives and livelihoods.  There is a breeding ground for scams.

Protect your dealership with the COVID-19 Scam Countermeasure Program:

  • A Remote Delivery Identity Verification Application to help prevent delivering a vehicle to an identity thief:  CLICK HERE
  • Information security awareness training
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Remedial phishing training for those that fail
  • Management reporting

Start the registration process for training and simulated phishing by sending a message to requests@complynet.com

Designed specifically for dealerships and service centers, this course focuses on measures that employees can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.  This ALL-IN-ONE course contains:

  • Information about COVID-19
  • COVID-19 symptoms
  • How COVID-19 spreads
  • Social distancing
  • Cleanliness and housekeeping
  • Hazard Communication for disinfectants, sanitizers, and other chemical
  • Responding to sneezing, coughing, and sickness


(CURRENT CUSTOMERS – contact your Compliance Consultant or requests@complynet.com to enroll the entire dealership or service center)


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