What Makes You a Better Risk

As an automotive professional you know how difficult it is to manage and collect your SDS inventory. And you also know how important it is to keep data sheets handy in case of an emergency or to prevent one. The clickSDS system allows you to easily access any of over 400,000 Safety Data Sheets within seconds. With clickSDS you can search our extensive database by part number, product name and/or manufacture. Even misspellings don’t stump this system. clickSDS makes it easy to review an SDS for a product already in use or read one for the first time for a product just purchased.

Click SDS is the only online SDS library exclusively designed for the automotive industry. This system is the most economical way to manage your SDS library. It is


  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automatically updated
  • 24/7 telephone support


Click SDS allows your managers to manage! Using ComplyNet’s exclusive E-binder technology, you can print out your company’s chemical inventory and even your own hazard labels. Managing your SDSs has never been this easy!

OSHA says you must. Common sense says you should. Why not make it easy? Why not make it excellent?

Only Click SDS has all of these features:

  • Online access for 24/7 immediate retrieval of all SDS information
  • Advanced search capabilities that will get you results even when you’re unsure of the exact spelling
  • Capability to create a binder of chemical products specific to your dealership and each of your departments
  • Access to over 400,000 automotive industry SDS sheets to view online or print.
  • ComplyNet Exclusive: Only ComplyNet evaluates all of your produces and includes hazard warnings in your chemical inventory list. What a powerful management tool for warning employees and highlighting danger signs!


What are you waiting for?

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“Bottom line: our people are safer and are shop is cleaner than ever. ComplyNet has been an excellent investment.”

Chevrolet Dealership Principal