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This Year’s Top Health & Safety Violations for Franchised Dealers

by Adam Crowell | Nov 4, 2020 | Published Articles

Each October, the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) publishes its yearly statistics of inspections and citations.  These statistics are gathered from October of the past year through September of the current year, and can be segmented by business classes using applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.  For franchised dealerships, the most applicable NAICS code is 441110 (New Car Dealers).

So, what was the most common health and safety citation of NAICS Code 441110 this past year?  The winner, once again, were Hazard Communication Standard violations:https://complynet1.clicdata.com/v/veXxWfymgwVo

Complying with the Hazard Communication Standard is about acknowledging there are chemical hazards at your dealership, identifying these chemical hazards, and communicating these hazards to workers to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.  Among other things, the Hazard Communication Standard requires all of the following:

  • Chemical inventory
  • Safety data sheets
  • Labels
  • Written program
  • Training

Hazard Communication compliance is achievable, but it does require consistent effort, regular updating, new hire training, and ongoing training.

Like Hazard Communication citations, the other top citations are also no stranger to NAICS Code 441110.  Year over year, franchised dealers receive health and safety citations related to guards missing on wheel grinders, improper wiring methods for equipment, inoperable exit signs, blocked exit doors, lack of eye and face protection, lack of respiratory protection, poor fire extinguisher practices (e.g., misplaced, missing signage, or not inspected), and so on.

Ultimately, it is your duty to provide your workers with a safe and healthy work environment, and OSHA is prepared for you.  Are you prepared for OSHA?

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