Environmental Health & Safety

Our on-site services and online training and support create the infrastructure dealers need to reduce workers comp claims and to save time and money. Our systems handle paperwork issues and regulatory management so that your managers can focus on generating revenue.

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Sales and F&I Compliance

Limit liability and enhance compliance in your sales and F&I departments without requiring your managers to become compliance experts. ComplyNet consultants listen and show you how to maximize profitability within the myriad financial regulations.

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Cyber Risk Management

While you’ll never be impregnable, you don’t have to be a soft target. We provide the systematic third party systems that dealers need to comply with state, federal and PCI requirements. Since 95% of breaches occur behind firewalls due to employee negligence, how can you afford not to cyber train your employees or insure your risk?

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What Makes You a Better Risk

ComplyNet Alerts

The Automotive Industry is competitive and retailers have thin margins. For more than 20 years ComplyNet Risk Managers have helped auto dealers, nationwide, cope with rising insurance costs, complicated regulatory demands, and ever-changing training requirements. ComplyNet provides best practice solutions for loss prevention, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Clients enjoy reduced claims, lower premiums, and excellent management systems without undue burdens on their managers.

On-Line & On-Site

Automotive professionals need three things to make a loss control system work: Top management support, buy-in from the line management, and systems that give the client leverage- leverage with employees, leverage with government, and leverage with his insurer. ComplyNet Systems work because they go right to the source of your every day compliance problems using a best practices, practical, no-nonsense approach, delivering the most comprehensive risk management system available.

ComplyNet provides a safety net for your entire dealership:

  • Sales Department
  • General Office
  • Service Department
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Parts Department
  • Computer Network
  • Aftermarket
  • Physical Plants & Grounds
  • Body Shop

We will custom design a solution based on your particular dealerships needs. Contact us at

or by phone at 800.653.1869 for details.

Cyber Risk Management

Vision & Guiding Principles

ComplyNet believes that we are successful when our subscribers are made more successful because of our services. We hire and train the best people we can find. We also partner with the best vendors we can find in order to multiply results for our subscribers without trying to duplicate services already available. We provide thorough and expert on-site inspections and consulting to help keep subscribers in compliance and in control of the hazards that threaten their businesses We provide state of the art online training and web-based tools and reporting system to inform employees and empower managers. Automotive and truck facilities in more that thirty states have relied on ComplyNet’s deep expertise and innovative management tools to reduce losses and manage risks. Whether it’s their network or their waste streams, their insurance claims or their regulatory reporting, ComplyNet subscribers know that we are their expert, friendly resource.

The Payoff (ROI)

Insurers and safety experts for years have said that having a safety program improves the dealer’s bottom line. Though results vary in terms of how large the payoff will be, we regularly see that dealers experience a minimum of a $5 benefit for every $1 spent on compliance and risk management. At a minimum, having a 3rd party coordinate your compliance and risk management puts a halt to the pretense that your most expensive personnel ” your managers ” should also research, administer, evaluate and execute Safety, Environmental, Privacy, and Cyber Security programs in a cost-effective manner. Several years ago a workers compensation insurer decided to pay the cost of ComplyNet’s service for the dealerships that were experiencing the highest losses. No one should have been surprised when a three year review later showed that these same dealers had the lowest of all dealers in the state. The dealer wins. The insurer wins. The employees win.

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